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21. Glasgow to Paris
7hrs and 37mins Glasgow to Paris by rail 104

22. Grantham to Paris
4hrs and 17mins Grantham to Paris by rail 85

23. Hull to Paris
6hrs and 02mins Hull to Paris by rail 89

24. Leeds to Paris
5hrs and 21mins Leeds to Paris by rail 81

25. Leister to Paris
4hrs and 20mins Leicester to Paris by rail 85

26. Liverpool to Paris
5hrs and 38mins Liverpool to Paris by rail 93

27. London to Paris
2h 15mins journey times from London St Pancras through Kent directly to the center of Paris City.
London, UK

28. Luton to Paris
3hrs and 21mins Luton to Paris 77

Luton to Paris

29. Manchester to Paris
5h 25mins Manchester to Paris by rail from about 91. Rail travel is also available for other destinations in France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland.

30. Manchester to Paris
5hrs and 12mins Manchester to Paris by rail 91

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