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    1. Brussels (Bruxelles, Brussel)
    Brussels is a city of fine food, café culture and Art Nouveau architecture.There's over forty museums covering everything from Magritte to the magic art of beermaking.
    Brussels, Belgium Brussels, Belgium

    2. Ostend (Oostende, Ostende)
    The city is on the North Sea in west Belgium, Oostende consists of the Fort Napoleon which is the only intact Napoleonic fortress in Europe. The city consists of many attractions including The Merc ...more
    Oostende, Belgium Ostend, Belgium

    3. Bruges (Brugge, Brügge)
    Bruges is the most visted part of Belgium, Bruges is in the north western part of Belgium. Georges Stael is the the main shopping street and Horse-drawn carriage and canal boat tours are popular wit ...more
    Bruges, Belgium Bruges, Belgium

    4. Mechelen (Malines, Mechlin)
    Mechelen was built near the river Dijle and the Leuven canal. the city offers many shopping facilities, as well as museums and artwork. the city consists of the Brusselpoort, last remaining of the ...more
    Mechelen, Belgium Mechelen, Belgium

    5. Antwerp (Antwerpen, Anvers)
    Cycling is a very easy and a popular way of getting around this city. This city is the home of the world?s largest diamond cutting industry. Antwerp is extremely popular with young people and ...more
    Antwerp, Belgium Antwerp, Belgium

    6. Liège (Lidje, Lüttich)
    The city is situated in the valley of the Meuse River, near Belgium's eastern borders. The airport is located in the north-west of the city of Liège, in the east of Belgium. Liège has ...more
    Liège, Belgium Liège, Belgium

    7. Namur (Namen, Nameur)
    Namur is in southern Belgium, on the Meuse and Sambre rivers. It is the capital of Wallonia. Namure has the Tresor du Prieure d'Oignies which is a tour of the city.
    Namur, Belgium Namur, Belgium

    8. Ghent (Gand, Gaunt)
    Ghent is one of the most expensive cities in Belgium especially food and shopping. Cycling is the best way to travel here as this city has the largest pedestrian zone in Belgium.
    Ghent, Belgium Ghent, Belgium

    9. Adinkerke
    Adinkerke is famous for selling tobbaco, cigars and real cigerettes. A good place for adult to go and enjoy shopping and sight seeing.
    Adinkerke, Belgium Adinkerke, Belgium

    10. Blankenberge (Blankenberg)
    Blankenberge is a typical seaside resort, which is very popular with tourists. The town has different activities such as Carnival Parade and the two day march at the start of May.
    Blankenberge, Belgium Blankenberge, Belgium

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