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    1. Antwerp (Antwerpen, Anvers)
    Antwerp is home to the largest diamond cutting industry in the world. Its main attractions consists of Lillo village, Maiden's House museum and Grote Market.
    Antwerp, Belgium Antwerp, Belgium

    2. Blankenberge (Blankenberg)
    Blankenberge is a typical seaside resort, which is very popular with tourists. The town has different activities such as Carnival Parade and the two day march at the start of May.
    Blankenberge, Belgium
    St Pancras train to Blankenberge

    3. Bouillon (Bouillon)
    Bouillon is south of Charleroi. Bouillon has a well preserved fortified medieval castle, an animal park and the Brewery of Bouillon, which consists of over 300 Belgium beers.
    Bouillon, Belgium Bouillon, Belgium

    4. Bree
    Bree has many villiages and shopping, with restaurants beaches and resorts it is a great place for the family to enjoy.
    Bree, Belgium Bree, Belgium

    5. Bruges (Brugge, Brügge)
    Bruges is the most visited part of Belgium and has hardly any congestion on the roads, as the whole city is a pedestrian zone. There are so many sights here is Bruges.
    Bruges, Belgium Bruges, Belgium

    6. Brussels (Bruxelles, Brussel)
    Brussels is more expensive than many other European cities but has many tourist attractions to take interest in such as The House of Victor Horta, The Atomium and the Cantillon Brewery.
    Brussels, Belgium Brussels, Belgium

    7. Charleroi
    Charleroi located in the province of Hainaut, is the largest city and municipality in Wallonia. There are many attractions such as Hôtel de Ville, Palais des Beaux Arts and Musée de la P ...more
    Charleroi, France Charleroi, France

    8. De Haan (Le Coq)
    De Haan is a seaside town in Belgium. It is a good place to start leisurly walks along the beach, towards Oostende. De Haan is good if your are looking for a quiet, relaxing holiday.
    De Haan, Belgium De Haan, Belgium

    9. De Panne
    De Panne is resort city on the Belgian coast. De Panne is home to Plopsaland, a themepark suitable for young children. is well-known for its wide nature reserves and the widest beach of the Flemish ...more
    De Panne, Belgium De Panne, Belgium

    10. Durbuy
    Known as the smallest town on earth Durbuy is also one of the prettiest. it has a few attractions such as The Belvedere which there is a magnificent view over the town.
    Durbuy, Belgium Durbuy, Belgium

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