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    1. The City of Paris
    Paris city has over 27m tourists visit each year, the most popular place for holiday makers and foreign travel. Of the 27 milli ...more
    Paris, France
    Paris City

    2. Paris
    The French capital Paris is 2 hours 15 miuntes from London by train. Paris' sights include monuments and architecture, such as its Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower to capture romance. Paris has an ...more
    Paris, France Paris, France
    City of Paris

    3. Lille (Rijsel)
    Lille is a city of modern architecture in the Nord-Pas de Calais region of northern France with a very large student population. If you are looking for a short break at a less traditional destination. ...more
    Lille, France

    4. Moûtiers (Tarentaise)
    Moûtiers is the capital of the Tarentaise area, it includes the Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Moûtiers which is a national monument of France.
    Moutiers, France Moutiers, France

    5. Calais (Kales)
    Calais is a town in northern France and overlooks the Strait of Dover. The city is separated in two parts: the old town and the modern town. Many tourists like to spend their weekends in Calais doin ...more
    Calais, France Calais, France
    Ebbsfleet to Calais

    6. Dijon
    Dijon has one of the best preserved medieval centers in France. There are two Tourism Information points in Dijon, most useful is the Tourist Information Center in Place Darcy.
    Dijon, France Dijon, France
    Ebbsfleet to Dijon

    7. Avignon (Avinhon, Avinoun)
    Avignon is a town of natural beauty and full of different sites.
    Avignon, France Avignon, France

    8. Lyon (Arpitan, Lyons)
    There are around 3000 boutiques in the city centre, including designer shops. There are also many museums avaliable to the public. Lyon has a wide variety of tourist attractions as well as many acti ...more
    Lyon, France Lyon, France
    Ebbsfleet to Lyon

    9. Tours
    Tours is most popular for the Tour de France, which is a cycling race event. Tours s a very enjoyable place and is a popular destination for tourists and student locals.
    Tours, France Tours, France
    Ebbsfleet to Tours

    10. Bordeaux (Bordèu)
    Bordeaux is a port city on the Garonne River in southwest France. Bordeaux is the world's major wine industry capital
    Bordeaux, France Bordeaux, France

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