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1. Aime La Plagne (La Plagne)
Aime La Plagne faces the famous Mont Blanc and is one of the eleven La Plagne ski resorts. Aime La Plagne offers many different activities including relaxation and keep fit facilities and paint ballin ...more
Aime La Plagne, France Aime La Plagne, France
St Pancras travel to Aime-la--Plagne

2. Aix-en-Provence (Occitan Aics, Ais de Provença, Ais de Prouvènço)
Aix-en-Provence is the town of water and art. At the heart of the wine growing region is enriched by its series of shapes, terraces and flower beds.
Aix-en-Provence, France Aix-en-Provence, France

3. Angouleme (Angoulême)
Angouleme is in south west France. Apart from the cathedral and the hôtel de ville, the architecture is of quiet some interest to tourists.
Angouleme, France Angouleme, France

4. Annecy (Èneci, Ènneci)
Annecy is one of the most popular resort towns of the French Alpes. Annecy is a place for all the family with lovely scenery and lots of activities for everyone to get involved in.
Annecy, France Annecy, France

5. Antibes (Antíbol, Antibo)
Antibes lies on the Mediterranean in the Côte d'Azur, located between Cannes and Nice. Sport is an important part of the local culture; the town hosts the National Training Centre for baske ...more
Antibes, France Antibes, France

6. Arles (Arle)
Arles is a city and commune in the south of France. Arles has important remains of Roman times such as the roman theatre, the arena or amphitheatre and the cryptoporticus.
Arles, France Arles, France

7. Avignon (Avinhon, Avinoun)
Avignon is the capital of the Vaucluse department cultural capital. Many points of interest include ?Facade of the Palais Nouveau and ?The Chapelle St-Martial.
Avignon, France Avignon, France
St Pancras to Avignon

8. Bagneux (Bordèu)
Bagneux is in southern France. This is a small city with a town of arts, national monuments and some remarkable gardens.
Bagneux, France Bagneux, France

9. Belfort
Belfort is situated in north east of France. The city is famous world wide for its 3 day festival in May each year, show casing music icons singers and bands. This is a short break for mainly studen ...more
Belfort France Belfort France

10. Biarritz (Biàrritz, Miarritze)
Biarritz is the surf capital of Europe which means it has many watersports activities and outdoor activities, making this destination perfect for families. With beach clubs, golfing centres and pl ...more
Biarritz, France Biarritz, France
St Pancras to Biarritz

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