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    1. Cyclopark Gravesend
    Cyclopark's state-of-the-art BMX track, Skate boarding and bike riding course.
    DA11 7NP

    2. MV Princess Pocahontas
    MV Pocahontas is a river tour boat operated from Gravesend in Kent, UK. The crew has a great knowledge of the Thames and its historic riverside areas.
    Gravesend DA11 0BS

    3. Rochester Castle
    Rochester Castle stands on the east bank of the River Medway, in Rochester, Kent. It is one of the best-preserved castles of its kind in the UK.
    Rochester Castle, The Castle, Castle Hill ME1 1SW

    4. Shorne Woods Country Parks
    Shorne Woods Country Park is a large ancient woodland site, with an eco friendly visitor centre, a cafe and about 288 acres of woodland to explore.
    Brewers Road, Gravesend DA12 3HX

    5. Camer Park
    Camer park has large open space area of mowed grass and a small woodland, a perfect place to take bicycles and dogs for the whole family to enjoy.
    Meopham, Gravesend, Kent DA13 0XT

    6. Cobham Woods
    The parkland is mature woodland, a Site of Special Scientific Interest.
    Lodge Lane, Cobham, Gravesend DA12 3BS

    7. Gravesham Borough Council
    Gravesham Borough Council offers advice, services and admin offices. The nearest fast track stop is Garrick Street.

    8. Milton Chantry
    The 14th Century timber-framed roof is one of the few outward examples of the original chantry that still remain in Gravesend, Kent.
    The Terrace, Gravesend DA12 2RL

    9. Temple Manor
    Part of a manor house of the Knights Templar, built in about 1240, with a fine first floor hall displaying traces of wall paintings.
    Temple Manor, Knight Road, Strood, Rochester, Medway ME2 2AH

    10. Tilbury Fort
    Tilbury fort is a brick fort with moat built along the River Thames for the defence of London by sea, started in 1670 was one of the first of its kind on English turf.
    The Fort, Tilbury , Essex RM18 7NR

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