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1. Amsterdam
Amsterdam is the the capital city and one of the greatest cities in the world, is famous for its diversity and beauty, with its canals, world famous museums and historical sights
Amsterdam, Netherlands

2. Arnhem
It has many attractions such as the Garden of the Rhine, The Dutch Open Air Museum and also Doorwerth Castle. The city is well known for its history.
Arnhem, Netherlands

3. Breda
Breda is a very versitile city, besides enjoying the great shopping and nightlife opportunities, there are many beautiful sights the castle of Breda, the oldest beguinage in the Netherlands and ...more
Breda, Netherlands

4. Delft
Delft has many different attractions such as Delft Blue and the Old Church.
Delft, Netherlands

5. Eindhoven
Eindhoven is known throughout Europe as an industrial heartland. Eindhoven is perfect if you are looking for and relaxing holiday surrounded by historic arts.
Eindhoven, Netherlands

6. Groningen
Groningen is the largest city in the north of Netherlands. The main sites of Groningen are the main square and Grote Market.
Groningen, Netherlands

7. Leiden
Leiden has a stunning archaic city centre, Rembrandt?s home town and host to the oldest Univercity in the Netherlands. It sites are that of city gates and winding.
Leiden, Netherlands

8. Maastricht
It is located in the southern part of the Dutch province of Limburg. Maastricht is known for its picturesque square and romantic streets.
Maastricht, Netherlands

9. Rotterdam
Rotterdam has striking and contemporary architecture, and is home to the largest harbour in Europe.
Rotterdam, Netherlands

10. Schiphol
Schiphol airport is located southwest of Amsterdam and is the main international airport for the whole of the Netherlands.


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