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    1. Local Theme Park near Ebbsfleet
    A new Theme Park is being planned as part of new plans to improve the local area. Setting out to rival 21 year old Disneyland Paris in France, new plans emerge from Paramount Parks operated in conj ...more
    Swanscombe Peninsula 51.459141,0.312595
    Paramount Theme Park

    2. Dartford Crossing introduced New Dart Charge payment
    No more coins or change? Dart Charge is the new remote payment system being introduced from October 2014 that aims to reduce congestion and ease traffic flow at the Dartford Crossing. Automatic numb ...more
    Dartford DA1 5PR

    3. Ebbsfleet Development Corporation Boundary
    Government consultation have produced a boundary map on t ...more
    Swanscombe Peninsula DA10 0LL
    Ebbsfleet Development Corporation

    4. Ebbsfleet Development Corporation to develop Garden City
    As part of a 6.2bn housebuilding plan released with Chancellor George Osborne Budget in March 2014, Ebbsfleet housing plans have been revived. The development has been welcomed throughout the ...more
    Ebbsfleet International way, Ebbsfleet. DA101EB

    5. Ebbsfleet FC Forum Closed
    Due to poor comments the fan forum closed, however the Fleet's management have promised to hold more frequent meetings for question and answer sessions, to discuss the progress and exchange idea ...more

    6. Ebbsfleet Garden City already boosting local Economy!
    Following the recent commitment to a Garden City at Ebbsfleet the government have set aside new funds to develop Gravesend and Dartford. As part of a 442.2 million funding package to boost econo ...more
    Gravesend Dartford DA101EB

    7. Ebbsfleet Garden City 250k prize draw.

    Finalists have until 11th August 2014 to develop and submit their final entries to Judges whom will choose an overall winner to receive £250,000. The winner will be announced in ea ...more
    Ebbsfleet Valley, Ebbsfleet, Swanscombe, Kent, DA10 0DF

    8. Ebbsfleet Garden City by 2020.
    A new garden city will be built at Ebbsfleet in Kent, following an announcement by George Osborne which may revive and transform the housing scheme planned for Ebbsfleet.

    Ebbsfleet International way, Ebbsfleet. DA11 8AD

    9. Ebbsfleet Horse arrives in London 2013 - 2015
    A replica of the Ebbsfleet Horse Sculpture by Mark Wallinger is on display outside the British Council. Wallinger's white horse is a miniature life size monument of the 50-metre-tall version agreed ...more
    10 Spring Gardens, London, United Kingdom SW1A 2BN

    10. Ebbsfleet new tram to Bluewater
    Along with plans to develop housing, entertainment and business units, Ebbslfeet may have some new infrastructure which massively enhance the project. A tram link which connects Bluewater, Ebbsf ...more
    Bluewater Shopping Centre DA9 9ST

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