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    1. Basel (Basle, Bazel)
    Basel is filled with appealing tourist attractions and the best way to view this beautiful city is to take a cruise along the River Reine.
    Basel, Switzerland Basel, Switzerland

    2. Bern (Berne, Berna, Bärn)
    Bern is the capital of switzerland and has many historic attractions such as the old town centre, the clocktower and museums.
    Bern, Switzerland Bern, Switzerland

    3. Geneva (Genève, Genèva)
    the Swiss city of Geneva is the country's third-biggest city and offers a definite international flavour. The city enjoys a superb location next to Lake Geneva
    Geneva, Switzerland Geneva, Switzerland

    4. Lausanne
    Lausanne stands next to the northerly shores of the scenic Lake Geneva and close to the Jura mountain range. It has many beautiful sights and would be a great place to take a holiday for all the famil ...more
    Lausanne, Switzerland Lausanne, Switzerland

    5. Lucerne (Luzern, Lucerne, Lucerna, Lozärn)
    Lucerne is known at the heart of Switzerland and has plenty of its own charms, though, most of them in the pure ?Swiss village-ness? of it all. The impressive Chapel Bridge has bec ...more
    Lucerne, Switzerland Lucerne, Switzerland

    6. Zurich (Zürich, Züri)
    Zurich is famous for being a major centre of finance and many of the world's leading banks are gathered here. It is a beautiful city and is highly populated with tourists and locals.
    Zurich, Switzerland Zurich, Switzerland