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1. Belgium, Trains from 69
1h 51mins travel to Brussels in the heart of Belgium.

2. Lille train starts at 69
1h 20mins to Lille from the heart of London, Ebbsfleet or Ashford in Kent.
lille, france

3. Paris by Train only 69
2h 15mins travel from London or Kent directly to the center of Paris City.
Paris, France

4. Avignon by Rail 109
5h 55mins train journey to Avignon, from London or Kent.
Avignon, France

5. Amsterdam by train
4h 16mins high speed trains, London to Amsterdam.

6. Cologne by Train
4h 9mins Cologne to London

7. Geneva by trains
6h 28mins high speed trains to Geneva from London and Kent.

8. Lyon by rail starts at 109
5h train journey to historic Lyon, from London or Kent.
Lyon, France

9. Marseille by rail
5h 31mins trains from Marseille from London and Kent.

10. Strasbourg by rail
5h 9mins train London to Strasbourg.